Modern, Contemporary Furniture – Free delivery in ireland

If you are looking for unique, quality contemporary furniture, delivered FREE to your door, then you’ve come to the right place.  With over 20 years’ experience in retail and design consultancy, our enthusiastic team at Butterfly Furniture has compiled an eclectic collection of modern furniture for the Irish market.


About Us

What you’ve probably discovered in your search for funky furniture in Ireland is that the local furniture market is flooded with the same limited designs and finishes.  For the discerning customer, the search for designer Irish furniture is one that involves looking at the same tired old pieces in all of usual furniture warehouses or paying ridiculous prices to high-end Irish furniture boutique stores.  I am happy to report that we’ve resolved this dilemma for you!

We’ve tapped into our wide network of brilliant Irish designers and European furniture makers and have compiled the ultimate one-stop-shop for the most exceptional pieces of contemporary furniture Ireland and Europe has to offer.

Our Philosophy

How you live defines who you are.  At Butterfly Furniture, we believe that the stylish, informed, elegant and quirky individual should be able to browse, in one location, an eclectic selection of contemporary furniture and furnishings.  Butterfly Furniture offers our discerning customers one online location in which to view and choose the very finest of European designer furniture at exceptional prices.  Best of all, we delivery to your door and install your furniture FREE OF CHARGE.

We have curated a diverse online catalogue, for Irish customers, of some unique luxury contemporary furniture.  These exceptionally designed pieces are sourced from some of the most prestigious furniture manufacturers across Ireland and Europe.  From the pared back elegance of Scandinavian furniture, to the sophisticated lines of Italian design, we have built a portfolio of desirable pieces that will elevate the style and finish of your home or office.

If you are looking for beautifully crafted modern Irish furniture that will enhance a room or perhaps you want that unique stand-out piece that will capture your personality, we have a constantly updating site that will inspire you.

The furniture and furnishings we offer on our site, have satisfied our exacting criteria.  We value the principles that support the foundations of great design:  Form and Function but with the added element of Beauty.  These three tenets, combined with an attractive price point, make Butterfly Furniture the logical and creative choice for that designer finish.

The widely-acknowledged excellence of European and Irish furniture design is now only a click away.  We deliver your chosen pieces direct to you within a 10-45 day period.

Our Service

From the moment you engage with us through our website or over the phone, we can walk you through every stage of your decision-making process.  Our family run business puts your needs first and we want you to make an informed and happy choice.  Guidance on how to choose a piece of furniture that will fit your space is available on our website with our in-depth, step by step guide: How to Measure you Room.

As well, our in-house design consultant can give you feedback on what colours to choose based on your existing colour schemes.  Sometimes it’s not just about buying a grey chair for a grey room – the right complementary colour can bring the style and finish of your room to another level.

Take a look at our regular Design Consultant’s blog that features valuable articles that will inspire and guide you.  We’ve all disappeared down the Pinterest rabbit hole and have imagined our three-bedroomed semi-detached transformed into a Hamptons beach cottage.  Sadly we have to come down to earth with a bump when we realise that our modestly proportioned room won’t allow us to create that same lofty ceilinged effect!  Don’t let your disappointment deter you though, our modern furniture pieces can dramatically alter the style of your room and with some new paint or wallpapers, give you a style that is truly your own.

Delivery – This is what makes us truly great!

FREE DELIVERY to anywhere in Ireland.  How great is that?  Actually, it gets even better.   Once your purchase is made, we keep you informed regarding your delivery date and always work around your timetable to delivery and install your beautiful piece of furniture.  In other words, we will get your perfect sofa, bed or chair installed in your home at a day or time that works for you.  This includes weekends too!

Any assembly is carried out by our team of experts at the time of delivery.

All packaging materials are removed and recycled.

We work in an efficient and careful way, ensuring your furniture is placed in your home exactly where you want it with minimum disruption or fuss.  How simple is that!!!

Shopping Online – Is it safe?

How many of you have purchased an item online?  I am guessing just about everyone who is visiting this site has bought sportswear, cosmetics, clothes, electrical items, shoes …. The list goes on.  As consumers we’ve become very comfortable with clicking that ‘Checkout’ box and making our purchases.

As an online retailer, we can offer you all of the necessary security assurances that your credit card details are never stored online and that there is no risk of your personal information being hacked or harvested for use elsewhere.

We take our site security very seriously and use only the most reputable payment methods to ensure safety for everyone engaging with our site.

Can I really buy furniture online?

This is one of the questions that arises most frequently.  The general view is that it’s impossible to really choose a sofa or a chair without sitting in it.  Well, let me assure you that is not the case.  Our product descriptions set out a really good description of each piece of furniture.  This description is based on us personally sitting or lying on the piece of furniture in question.  The images show, in detail, the structure of each piece and it isn’t difficult to imagine how comfortable and luxurious each piece of furniture will feel.

We’ve definitely chosen beautiful pieces for our online furniture website but with a quality of design and manufacture.  These modern sofas and chairs are created using the best of materials that give a sumptuous and supportive finish.

We can promise you, the quality and sensation of the piece, will greatly exceed even your expectations.


With our expertise and guidance, you will have chosen the perfect piece of furniture, in the perfect size and finish for your lovely home.  Sometimes though, it just doesn’t work for you.  As part of our exceptional customer service, we allow you to return the piece of furniture to us for a Full Refund or a Credit note if your product was custom made to measure.

A “I just don’t think it works for me” Return will take place at the time of installation so that we can remove the furniture before it is used.  No quibble, no fuss.

Your Consumer Statutory Rights will always be protected.

Final thoughts …..

We’ve perfected the art of sourcing only the very best modern furniture from some of the best-loved designers across Ireland and Europe.  We keep our prices at a really attractive level as we aren’t burdened with all of the expenses associated with having a large retail space and excessive staffing costs.

We are an Irish owned company based in Co Kerry but with an established network that allows us to deliver efficiently all over Ireland.  We have a young and vibrant team who support you at every stage of your interaction with Butterfly Furniture.

Our collective knowledge of the retail industry and years of expertise in the realm of design mean that we can give you practical and creative advice to solve your home style dilemma.

It’s time to move from bland to grand!  Let your house truly reflect your personality.  You want to walk into you house and feel you are really home.

Let our furniture be the starting point from which you will allow your home to evolve.  It’s no surprise we used a Butterfly as the emblem and name of our company.  There are so many caterpillar homes out there, wriggling along in the same old same-y way.  Burst out of your chrysalis, unfurl those wings – it’s time to fly!!!!!

Happy shopping!